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How to increase your website's Alexa ranking |

Wednesday, February 03, 2010
How to increase your website's Alexa ranking |


Okay, so this is a somewhat odd article for, since we're mostly focused on how to save money and lower your bills. However, to get that message out, we do have to get involved in promoting the website, as well as activities like search engine optimization, website traffic analysis, etc. is a service from Amazon that aims to collect information about websites, and one of the things they do is rank websites based on traffic. For example, they maintain a Global Top 500 Websites list as well as tracking the numerical ranking of individual websites.

The Rub

Unfortunately, the way they do these rankings isn't terribly scientific. Alexa provides a toolbar plugin for web browsers...once installed, it tracks the websites you visit and reports that information back to Alexa.

Going To The Future

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