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Saturday, September 18, 2010

This is a collection of awesome custom implementations of the AddThis menu built with our Client API. If you know a little CSS, HTML, or even some jQuery, use AddThis to power your own custom sharing tool.

Tweet + Like + Share
Get the new Tweet and Facebook's Like button in one place.
Toolbox + Facebook Like
Get all the AddThis Toolbox and Facebook's Like button in one place.
32x32 Icons (AddThis)
Make sharing easier with large icons by AddThis. This is the easiest way to add a larger version of the toolbox with one line of code.
64x64 Icons (Aquaticus)
Supersize sharing with an even larger set of 64x64 icons called Aquaticus.
Retweet + Like + Share
Get the popular Retweet and Facebook's Like button in one place.
Share Stack
Click on the basket, and a suite of large Aquaticus icons expand with some jQuery from NetTuts.
OS X Styled Sharing Dock
If you like the OS X dock, you'll love Zurb's recreation plus with some jQuery from NetTuts, and icons by Icon Dock.
CSS3 Share Buttons
Based off Zurb's Super Awesome Buttons with CSS3, we've created modern sharing buttons.
Fixed Position Vertical Toolbox
This version of the Toolbox always floats on the top left of your site, even if your users scroll to the bottom of the page.
Vertical Hover Menu
A minimal single column menu makes sharing small, focused and slick. jQuery powers the hover effect.
Vertical Layout Menu
Make sharing more prominent on your page by putting a vertical menu next to content.

Featured Products Using the AddThis Platform

AddThis powers the Wibiya Bar to make sharing easier. Try one of the most featureful tools on the web.

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