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PDF Document With CorelDraw

Friday, January 22, 2016
As usual we open the Coreldraw application, here I use CorelDraw X4 and select new blank document

Edit page layout, by choice size A4, Letter, Legal etc. and show print table area or no.

Ok, now we begin to write any words, import a picture and edit it as we want till end. Any time we can copy paste from other document type, such from Microsoft word, exel, and much more.

If we meet a much document to write and edit, we can add the new page ,by clik icon on down left button

We do this, till we think that our work is finish. And now we can save as pdf document by klik File and chose publish to PDF. Chose file location, and rename the document clik setting for other choise, like make a password, Compability, page, and other. Klik OK and save.

Finish and view where the pdf document place. Good luck Sourch

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